Discipling for Development

Discipling for development is a ministry of the Navigators that was born of the merger in November 2007 between Mission: Moving Mountains and The Navigators. A prime mover of this merger was the recognition by the Africa Navigators of the need to reach the economically disadvantaged of Africa and to minister effectively among those who cannot or will not read and write.

Discipling for development is a whole-life discipleship response to the socioeconomic reality of rural Africa. Oral facilitation and learning are at the heart of this process. Through Discipling for Development, the Navigators aim at building relationships of love with community members and equipping community leaders to discover and apply the resources God has given them to solve problems facing their communities. As the communities solve the problems that most plague them and use their resources in new ways, they will reach their God-intended potential.

Discipling for Development originated in Uganda and was then called “Mission: Moving Mountains. Today the ministry  is working across Africa with new partnerships forming every year, especially through the The Navigator work.