Marketplace & Community Enterprises

The vision of the marketplace community ministry is to keep labourers ministering long-term in fulfilling the Core as they transition through various stages in life. The focus is on various contacts that we have made and the flow of their fruit as they live out their lives in their non-student, non-church environment. The strategy of this ministry is to continually motivate and resource our ministry contacts to creatively influence and minister to the people with whom they interact on a daily basis.

Four values from The Navigator Core have greatly motivated us:

  • As we live amongst the lost we make intentional efforts to take and incarnate the gospel where people live, work and play.
  • We desire to see the transforming power of the gospel revolutionize the lives of our MCM contacts.
  • We need environments of love and grace expressed in community as we empathize with and relate to busy people in their various ‘marketplaces’.
  • We seek to connect to people and their family and relational networks in spreading the gospel as we add value to these relationships in an authentic and meaningful way. This is the very basis of our ministry.